Sale now on...

Briscoes have always been laughed at for having sales all the time. The old "What, Briscoes are having a sale this weekend? You're kidding?!" gag is well known by Kiwis the world over.

Now it seems that a young pretender is trying to take that 'always having a sale' buzz off them. Perhaps Tammy, the hot Briscoes lady has got something that this other retailer wants a bit of?

The impetuous newcomer is none other than Harvey Norman who either have a such a huge load of money to spend that they're gunning for a pissing match with Dubai or they're in the shit and are trying to trade out of it.

I know it's the season for sales and we can expect a few more of them. We've done the Christmas sales, they were closely followed by the Boxing Day sale and then the inevitable Happy New Year sales but old Harv seems to be going way harder than everyone else.

The wonderful thing about this is that it proves that advertising works, this is a post dedicated entirely to a price point advertising campaign, campaigns which pay my salary and for which I am eternally grateful.

Sale on now! 50% off everything!! 4 years interest free!!! Must end Monday!!!! Crikey, how are they going to top that next weekend because with all these amazing deals in the ad breaks, I'm going to need a bigger TV.


  1. Ahhhhh, the Briscoes Lady. Tammy Wells!
    She seems not to have aged at all over the last two decades of TV ads...but doing a spot of quick research, I've discovered she now wears a WIG, as her own hair is greying now and cut rather short. Still...MMmmmmMMMmmmmmMMMmmmm!!!
    Tammy! Tammy! Tammy!

  2. well done matey, love it - gotta send this to my mans bro in law who runs a HV store in jafaland lol

  3. i love it!