Kids - update...

What with updating facebook, the work site, the twitter, etc... The blog has been somewhat ignored. I'm attempting to make up for it.

Em's favourite sleeping spot - the middle of the floor!

Jojo eats entire pack of noodles...

Sophie - structural engineer...

Apparently I’m not blogging enough.

You’re right, it’s been a month but I’ve been busy. We had a baby and 3 kids takes up a lot of time. I also got a smidge bored with my design so have been working on a new one. Nice eh!

(If you’re not seeing this new design, you may be reading a feed of the blog on Facebook or various other sites where my blog gets published.)

The other reason is that I have to blog at work, because home is pandemonium. Problem with that is the excellent security on my work computer. Every time I ask it to do something, it considers my request for an age, shits itself and requires restarting. Most times, I can then do what I want to do for the next 5 minutes before having to repeat the process. This happens all day until I get fed up and go home – where I am now.

It's like having a great big, "Are You Sure?" button for every task I wish to perform. Unfortunately, the answer is always exactly the opposite of what I want to do.

I know from writing this, I'll get inevitable feedback from those who use Mac raving about how it's better and simpler and quicker. Truth is, Mac users are like cult members. Mac users are the Destiny's Church members of people's faith in IT. Good people mostly, with good intentions but they pay more for the privilege and tend to preach a bit much.

Sometimes I want to go back to the old days of CRT monitors. If you’re frustrated, you just smack the side of the screen. While this did nothing for the computer except make the screen flicker a bit, it made you feel better.

In short, my computer is a dick. If we were to personify the relationship I have with my PC, and put it in a situation where it was being threatened, we'd probably find that I wouldn't step in if it was getting beaten up. I'd most likely point and laugh.

I intend no disrespect by this post, writing it down just makes me feel better. I promise to write more soon and hopefully it won’t be quite so negative as this blog.

I’m back, anyway. As you were.