Awaken.. The Man Cave!

We have a 4 bedroom house. It's awesome and we love it, however since having 3 kids, we're finding space to be at a premium. Em is 3 months old today and really needs her own room. She's currently in the office / guest room / studio / junk room.

Enter, the man cave. We're building this wee addition in the back of our garage and it means that all my 'nerdy stuff' as Anna puts it can go in it, giving our daughter a bedroom of her very own.

Note the excellent storage on the roof, and my father in law casting his expert eye over the workmanship... The building of the cave should finish tomorrow and then we get to set it up. ManGeek heaven.

More importantly, Emily's room will now be just hers and the guests can... umm, get a motel.

Hateful headlines...

Police 'let child abuse victims down'

What about the abusers, are they going to get blamed in any of this?

There are 10,000 cops in NZ, give or take, and 4 million people. This means that roughly 0.25% of the population are Police. We're living in a dreamland if we think that all crimes are going to be solved. We all know that Police are under resourced to deal with the crimes of today, this simply means that there are more shit people than Police.

Being a cop must be difficult, you spend your career trying to help others, seeing the most horrific things, doing your best, making communities safer but every bastard has an opinion on what you're doing wrong.

Fueling this is the media, who are often so quick to broadcast bad news about the Police. I struggle with this. Just because we have louder voices than the average bear, why do we have to find the negative angle on everything? Are we all so bitter and cynical that we think that this what New Zealanders really want to hear in their news?

I've got a simplistic theory on media's weaknesses and it's this.

Newspapers are too bitter and cynical.
Television is too sensationalist.
Internet is not the most accurate.
Radio takes the piss too much.

Know strengths AND weaknesses, before judgement.
Hat tip to the cops. I know that you can't do everything, but thank you for doing what you do do.

Are you this person?

You’re at the supermarket. So am I. I’m 3 people in front of you in the queue but still two people away from being served. You’re at the back, having just arrived on the end of the queue.

They open a new checkout.

You then peel off the back, round the lollies and the magazines and go straight in as number 1 on the new checkout, thereby getting served straight away when those of us who have been waiting fume as you exit the building.

In this situation, I both dislike you, and respect you. Because if you reverse the roles, I’m probably going to do exactly what you did. All's fair in love and supermarket shopping.


I turned 35 last week and there's no escaping it. I now cannot be considered 'young' in any way whatsoever. There is a finality of youth when reaching one's mid 30s.

Back in my 20s, it's fair to say I got up to some antics. Some of them legendary, some of them funny, some of them were mildly amusing and some of them made people think I was a complete cock. In fact, many readers of this blog will "remember the time that Smarty..." Let's leave the past back there though and keep the photos to ourselves.

Now, as a married father of 3 with a beautiful house overlooking a mortgage, to try and relive exploits of years gone by would put me more into the sad middle aged guy category. This isn't to say I'm hanging up my fun pants, it's more of a realisation that we do indeed get older. No matter how much we try and hold onto youth, we can't.

I was told off for something the other day - it doesn't matter what - and was told that people expect more of the Senior Broadcaster on station. Thing is though, I don't feel like a senior broadcaster, or an experienced father, or that I have 35 years behind me, even though I am, I'm trying, and I do.

People say that our 30s are the best years, I'm not sure yet, but they're certainly the most promising so far. it's just a different kind of fun.

Farewell, youth.