I turned 35 last week and there's no escaping it. I now cannot be considered 'young' in any way whatsoever. There is a finality of youth when reaching one's mid 30s.

Back in my 20s, it's fair to say I got up to some antics. Some of them legendary, some of them funny, some of them were mildly amusing and some of them made people think I was a complete cock. In fact, many readers of this blog will "remember the time that Smarty..." Let's leave the past back there though and keep the photos to ourselves.

Now, as a married father of 3 with a beautiful house overlooking a mortgage, to try and relive exploits of years gone by would put me more into the sad middle aged guy category. This isn't to say I'm hanging up my fun pants, it's more of a realisation that we do indeed get older. No matter how much we try and hold onto youth, we can't.

I was told off for something the other day - it doesn't matter what - and was told that people expect more of the Senior Broadcaster on station. Thing is though, I don't feel like a senior broadcaster, or an experienced father, or that I have 35 years behind me, even though I am, I'm trying, and I do.

People say that our 30s are the best years, I'm not sure yet, but they're certainly the most promising so far. it's just a different kind of fun.

Farewell, youth.


  1. Ahh well said Bro! I can recall a few of your antics too... great memories Lol. I'd like to add "We don't stop having fun because old... We get old BECAUSE we stop having fun". You'll forever stay young Mr Smart, because you've always been young at heart!
    Great lats by the way!

  2. You know you are getting old when the only time you meet people you know is in the supermarket!

  3. ahh the things I could type here. But best not seeing as we are BOTH in our 30's (can you believe it!) and now behaving like adults!
    Good times eh :)