Are you this person?

You’re at the supermarket. So am I. I’m 3 people in front of you in the queue but still two people away from being served. You’re at the back, having just arrived on the end of the queue.

They open a new checkout.

You then peel off the back, round the lollies and the magazines and go straight in as number 1 on the new checkout, thereby getting served straight away when those of us who have been waiting fume as you exit the building.

In this situation, I both dislike you, and respect you. Because if you reverse the roles, I’m probably going to do exactly what you did. All's fair in love and supermarket shopping.


  1. yes have done that.

  2. VictoriaMay 11, 2010

    you know I am.... I'm the busy Mum and student with a million things to do - and worrying what two people left in line think, is not one of them!!!!

  3. my win your loss

  4. MichelleMay 11, 2010

    yes that is me

  5. Im the one who always picks up something with no barcode so they have to ring for some goober to run round the shop to find one with a barcode.

  6. haha that is me too - no time to wait, you should try self checkouts and people who cant grasp the simple process of scan and bag