Awaken.. The Man Cave!

We have a 4 bedroom house. It's awesome and we love it, however since having 3 kids, we're finding space to be at a premium. Em is 3 months old today and really needs her own room. She's currently in the office / guest room / studio / junk room.

Enter, the man cave. We're building this wee addition in the back of our garage and it means that all my 'nerdy stuff' as Anna puts it can go in it, giving our daughter a bedroom of her very own.

Note the excellent storage on the roof, and my father in law casting his expert eye over the workmanship... The building of the cave should finish tomorrow and then we get to set it up. ManGeek heaven.

More importantly, Emily's room will now be just hers and the guests can... umm, get a motel.

1 comment:

  1. Just looking at the dimensions avaliable in the picture and I believe that you are going to struggle to park two cars in the garage, based on where the elec door opener is beside the man cave wall. So I feel you should extend the man cave for more man geekstuff space oh and more mezzanine storage.
    Massive points on the man card for this project too!!