How not to behave in public...

Today we hear the news that a certain 'once was famous' and now, 'paying the bills and doing ok' kiwi girl biffed a glass of wine over another girl at the premiere of Eclipse in Auckland over a couple of saved seats.

This was disappointing news because I know the girl quite well. I've crashed at her house on occasion, we've drunk much in each others company and I've always thought that she was alright.
The story goes that this woman was upset that some seats were being 'held' for someone and decided that the only way to deal with this was to chuck a glass of wine over her.

Now, there are reasons to chuck a drink at someone. Drunken dumbassness is a good opportunity to cover a blouse in bubbles. Inappropriate behaviour with someone elses partner will earn you a chardonnay upside your head. Even some insults would be well replied to with a shiraz to the gib.

But to throw wine over someone holding a couple of seats at a movie theatre? That's well over the top, particularly when the seats were being held for the people who were at the front door welcoming people to the theatre!

The woman who wore the wine is a great mate of mine. Her husband is my daughter's godfather. She's choice and I'm so disappointed that her night was ruined by someone who used to be famous.

We've all made fuckwits of ourselves at different times in our lives and today it was Joe Cotton's turn. New Zealand is a small country, everyone knows everyone and there's a way to behave, no matter who you are, or who you used to be.


  1. Spot on, Smarty. 6 hairs-width of separation....!

  2. "Celebrity Wine Thrower" sad thing is the rest of us wouldnt waste good wine throwing it you Joe... Good luck to Flynny and his wife.

  3. well put dave. She should be hanging her head in shame.

  4. Standing applause!!! Mr Smart!!