I'm going off technology...

An old girlfriend once told me that my cellphone was pissing her off. It rang and it beeped 24/7 and when it did, I jumped to answer it. She was right, I was more attached to it, than I was to her. She was a nice girl, I was just more interested in what the rest of the world had to say, than what she had to say. It's funny, she had a lot to say about my various foibles and she was on the money on a lot of them. Poor thing, she put a lot of work into this crate of bones and saw none of the benefits.

Crikey. Digression.

This isn't a post about her, it's about the fact that recently, I've started resisting technology, and I'm enjoying it.

When I was a young fulla, I was the go to guy to sort out your video. I tuned TVs, set clocks, installed car stereos. Anything technologicial was my bag, baby, and no-one was better.

A couple of years ago however, I lost the ability to even work the video and started to let my wife do it. At daylight savings time, she took over the changing of the clocks - even the oven, and you know that's the worst of all the household timepieces to change!

The clincher though was when I put my cellphone through the washing machine about two weeks ago. I spent two days without it and I didn't actually miss it. If someone needed me, it was tough for them. It was liberating being out of touch. I make all my calls on the bluetooth in the car but for two days, I just drove in silence and it was as blissful as a drive from Wellington to the Hutt can get.

Now, don't think I'm going all hemp trouser wearing lentil eating smelly hippy on you. I have a home studio which I built myself and am always getting my geek on around computers and audio equipment. I am nerdariffic and that won't change. I got another phone and am back to my old annoying self now, it's a case of necessity. I'm very busy and important *ahem* and I need it.

This isn't a new concept by any stretch, but it's a good one, take a break every now and then. Force yourself off technology for a couple of days. Have 'screen free' days with your family. Switch off your phone and go without it for a couple of days, don't log in to facebook for a period. Read the newspaper instead of getting your news from stuff of the TV. It's like taking a holiday.

Right, laptop closing now.

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  1. I couldn't agree more, Dave. In fact, every time I'm on my own, there is no tv, no radio, and often no laptop (although that's a little harder). I hate my cellphone - it's a work one and the minute I walk out of the door it's switched off and in my bag. And I just spent 4 days in a monastery in the absolute silence. Wonderful.

    I think we need silence now and then. It's important for our bodies to have some noise-free time (excessive continuous noise is actually harmful - heart disease, raised blood pressure etc) and we also need it for thinking space.

    Let's be technophobes now and then! It's good for us!


  2. My husband needs to read this. His laptop and iPhone get more attention than any of us!

  3. how rude of her to be speaking with her mouth full ;) lol

  4. I remember a time before computers, before email, before cell phones and heck long before Facebook - it seems such a simple, less complicated time and there are times I miss it, although technology was a lifesaver after our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and it somehow made the journey less lonely and less isolated. We created a blog, we followed other blogs and that was a great way to stay in touch. But yes, I do sometimes miss the life I had before technology :-)