Headphones (warning, this post contains traces of geek)

The most important item in my arsenal of stuff I use on air (apart from my brain and my piehole) is my headphones. I had a realisation the other day that I've been wearing the same set for about 10 years. I got them somewhere around the year 2000 - give or take, and when I get the arse, I'll walk out of the building with my coffee cup, these headphones and not much else.

Headphones, or 'cans' are a very personal thing and I use Sennheiser HD25SPs. A lot of on air folk don't really care but I do. Something that's been with me for this long deserves a bit of credit. For me, being on the wireless is not about talking. It's about listening.

You're thinking, NERD! And you're right, I am. Think about it though, hairdressers will most likely have a favourite pair of scissors, builders know which hammer or brand of saw does the business for them, teachers often have a favourite marking pen and we're always hearing about how terrorists have a bomb signature. These are the tools of our trades.

My cans are not without their faults. The cord is WAY too long and I'm forever running over it with my chair. Because of this I've had to replace it 3 times. ($80 a pop!) I've also worn my way through 3 sets of ear pads which is no mean feat because I have really small ears and no lobes. You may say, wow, they must be really shit for having to be repaired all the time but think about it, I've worn them for at least 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for the last 10 years.

4 hours x 5 days = 20 hours.
20 hours x 48 weeks a year = 960 hours per year.
960 x 10 years = 9600 hours of use!

Cripes. I've never worked it out before... These puppies will set you back around $300 slides but the sound is effin great and they're worth every cent.


  1. I've got some Sennheisers too, and they are very good, but I fully agree with you about the too-long-cord!

  2. I'll stick with my K141 AKGs with the (don't know the name for it) special cord that seems to get longer the further away from the console you go...

  3. I always look forward to you posting your blogs. I fully appreciate the excellent quality of writing (says me, the not particularly fluent English teacher) and the touches of humour on every day topics that I just seem to 'get'. :)

  4. Geek! Re: cord length - twisty tie my friend!

  5. find a spring-loader waistclip to handle the cord (like vacuum cleaners have), or more realistically (but more nerdly), bluetooth/wireless options! ahhh... geek out! le freak....

  6. Not geeky at al... I own two pairs of Sennheisers and a pair of Fostex T40's - Idont own a pair of HD25SPs.... but I want to -they're great. I've used them while recording sound for film...