The pitfalls of renting...

Last night I cried, and I felt bad.

I felt bad for grieving about something that wasn't earthquake related.

Just as we get back onto our feet here in Godzone, we have Japan, way worse, way more devastating, way more hazardous for the planet than Christchurch, just much further away. We've got a pacific rim on its knees, and every time we try and stand up, we get shoved again.

Last night, I cried for my Mum who has been gone, 25 years yesterday. Long time. But those who have lost loved ones know that those feelings ebb and flow, even after that length of time.

I feel like a ten year old when I think about my mum going because that's how old I was. Now at the age of 35, I still want to say, "look at me mum! look what I can do!" Look what I've done, are you proud of me? I'm still that kid.

My story is many peoples though, I'm just one kid who lost his mum, not really that important in the big scheme of things And there are many people grieving. and worried, and scared of what's happening underground.

We all have to go eventually, and we accept that, we just struggle when it happens en masse, or earlier than old and warm in our bed.

We are all but tenants on this planet, personally, and as a species.