There will be no more looking into the blue diamond and thinking negative thoughts, we have a new logo!

I was working for Classic Hits when we launched the last one, it was 93/94ish in Nelson, all was well, we were excited and proud, we wore that puppy everywhere, we were a sea of ugly (blue/green/teal - depending on what it was being printed on) tracksuits.

Time goes on though, fashions and formats change, I went away for 8 years, but when I came back the bastard was still there! Fast forward to yesterday, when we unveiled our new mate and today, I'm wearing the t shirt.

Seriously, for the first time since my return to Classic Hits in 2004, I'm wearing a Classic Hits T shirt, not because I have to wear it for a promo, I'm wearing it cos I like the shirt.

Silly search engines...

So, I put “Naenae College” into the search box of the ERO website, and it tells me that Naenae Intermediate is a 100% match, and Naenae College is only a 96% match.

Perhaps the ERO website should have spent more time at school?

(Click to enlarge...)


This morning, I took a photo of the damage the fire had caused at the old Petone Tech and uploaded it to Twitter.

Within ten minutes, I was having a Twitter conversation with MPs, Trevor Mallard (@trevormallard) and Chris Hipkins, (@chrishipkins) about how these buildings sit derelict for too long and scumbags in general.
So, on an idle Saturday morning, (I was at Queensgate window shopping) in an election year, I managed to have a reasonable conversation with two MPs about something that pissed me off in my community.

Social media win.