Doing my bit for the environment

There are many endangered species in New Zealand. The Little Spotted Kiwi, the Kakapo, the Harlequin Gecko and most of the residents of Zealandia. These little battlers have wonderful people working hard to bring them back to sustainable numbers and they deserve all success..

Regrettably, no one seems to be working on the dwindling useful length of modern vacuum cleaner cords.

We’ve all been there. The vac is plugged in somewhere down the hall, we’re in the bedroom, sucking up a storm round the end of the bed and heading toward the bedside table and we come to the end of the line.

Depending on how vigorously we’re hoovering, one of several things might happen. We could suddenly not be able to go any further, meaning a trip back down the length of the cord see if it’s jammed on anything, then to remove the plug and seek out a closer powerpoint. We could, if we’re really getting into it, pull the thing clean out of the wall and have to go back, and replug, or we could, and this is the most dangerous of all, pull the plug half out of the wall, necessitating the kicking of the plug to knock it completely out whilst simultaneously jumping back for fear of getting zapped.

We could even take it a step further. The remote control detached itself from the telly in the 80s, we got wireless internet in the 2000s, we have electric cars now, how hard is it to go cordless vac? I’m talking way more powerful than the dustbuster. I’m thinking about a full size 2000 watt bagless, cordless, uber vac. Hell, make it petrol powered so we can park it out in the shed next to the mower. Men would be far more likely to clean if the equipment had a pull start and an exhaust pipe.

If that’s too hard, just another 2 metres on the cord would do the trick. Anything more would be overkill, anything less, pointless.

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