After 3 and a half years and nearly 56,000k, we're getting ready to farewell the Classic Hits car. We've thrown signs, kids, wet clothes, lollipops by the thousand, speakers, wires, amplifiers and all sorts through this car and it's barely missed a beat.

There's still a few jobs left for it to do, and we have to remove the broadcast gear out of the back and the speaker kits of the roof and then in a couple of weeks, it will disappear from our lives and be replaced by something pretty much exactly the same.

A few memories:

The unnamed person who forgot their was a roofbox and tried to take the car into a parking building. (NOT me, but repaired by me..)

The stench of what we think may have been milk or something equally rank spilt. (Again, not me, sorted out by the groomers..)

The fender scrape. (May have been me, but I don't remember...)

Farewell, little car, we hope your new owner enjoys you as much as we have. And if you end up buying a white 4 year old RAV4 in the near future, don't be surprised if you find a lollipop or ten under the seat.

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