My nickname used to be Dog. Not sure why, who can remember everything they did in their 20s?!

Then I did this voice job for a couple of years back.  Woof!


Here’s an interesting image of people and smartphones.  Hawkes Bay Magpies in their victory parade for the Ranfurly Shield.  Fans turn out to meet them and congratulate them and see their heroes...


...but their heroes are on the phone.  Not just one phone either, 3 guys on two phones.
What a wonderful opportunity to engage with the people who think you’re amazing and make them feel amazing.


You might say they’re filming the parade, filming their fans to watch later.  Maybe so, but one should always flip a Smartphone on its side when using the camera to get the best use of landscape.
We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our phones and ignoring what’s going on around us. Here’s an example of what was perhaps the briefest moment, however what's interesting is how that moment, once captured, looks to others.